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Over the course of my career, I must have reviewed thousands of CVs and interviewed hundreds of candidates.

I see plenty of articles helping graduate programmers get their foot in the door, but less advice about how to make that step up to the next level. If your current employer has good career progression on offer, make the most of it. However, its not unusual for progress to stall at some point, when perhaps even a sideways move could present the best opportunity to gain some traction.

I’ll be honest — while I’m presenting this as friendly advice, that’s really…

Image made in Powerpoint like a true artist.

Although spreadsheets are never the ideal source of input, they are ubiquitous no matter what line of work you are in. In fairness, you can’t really expect people without specific tools to be typing out raw json or xml files — so on the grand scheme of things, we should be fairly grateful when receiving data in this sort of format.

Perhaps you typically save a spreadsheet out as .csv (comma separated values) to make the reading trivial, in which case you’ll have seen various issues with merged cells, values with commas in and so on.

As a rule of…

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There are many different routes into and around the programming landscape, all of which can be very daunting to newcomers. Experienced developers can be seen all over the web flexing their coding muscles and talking in riddles.

The focus of this piece is to share with you some of the key things all experienced developers know —there’s a slight focus on Python but most of these suggestions are somewhat language agnostic.

We’re not talking about semantics and syntax here, we’re talking about habits and practices. The advice that follows will be second nature to anyone that has been programming for…

As time goes by, more and more of my non-developer friends are seeing code creep into their own line of work. It makes a lot of sense — I’ve long been hearing about long manual processes that yearn for automation and finally the cat is out of the bag. People are starting to realise that programming need not be the reserve of basement dwelling introverts, but is in fact increasingly accessible to all.

As intelligent folk, they’re able to write a script that does a bit of work for them, but it tends to stay exactly that — a script…

Howard Tucan

20+ years of programming experience and still clueless.

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